$8.99 Spring Roll Nishiki Sushi Bar - Vancouver
$14.95 Hainanese Chicken One More Thai Restaurant
$9.95 Heart Roll 达人
$24.99 Chicken Wings 30 pcs Omega Pizza and Wings
$12.95 Miyagis Fire Miyagi Japanese Restaurant
$30.95 Deluxe Sashimi Maple Sushi
$8.95 Daily Special with... The Jin Sushi
$8.25 Spider Tempura Britannia Sushi
$13.95 Pan Fried Dumplings 少林面庄
$11.00 Spider Roll Volcano
$9.99 Shrimp and BBQ Por... 大街小厨
$16.99 Clam with seawater... 珍味轩