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Today, you have the opportunity to change the dining experience of your customers and add value to the future of your business. With over 6500 restaurants listed already, BCRestaurants.ca is one of the largest and most comprehensive online restaurant directory in British Columbia. We are living in a rapidly advancing technological era of clicking, surfing, and scrolling and as a consumer yourself, you know the demands. So, we invite you to join our ever increasing list of online restaurants so that consumers all around the world can be entranced by pictures of your meals online.

The vision of BCRestaurants.ca is to provide an online portal to bring together restaurants and diners and thus, reducing the simple but critical problem of building your restaurant's consumer awareness.

In order to help you increase your restaurant's profits, we would like to invite you to be our member. Being our member, you will have many benefits, advantages and rewards, which are listed below. All BC residents and tourists will find your restaurant easily.

Free Service

Every restaurant in BC is being offered free listing (restaurant's name, address, telephone and cuisine) on the largest restaurant directory in BC.

Member's Services and Rewards
Price ($499 /year)

BCRestaurants.ca Features

Rewards for you
Your Web Site Address You have a web site: www.bcrestaurants.ca/YourRestaurantName
Menu (2 pages) Draw customers with your menu and prices
Map/Directions New customers can "discover" your restaurant, guests can find the party!
Additional Photos Attract customers with your interior décor, ambience, outdoor patio, and food plates.
Download Coupons Save - cost of printing
Email Forwarding Make it easy to arrange parties
Order Online and Book Tables by Internet Save time, cut down on phone calls by using an auto responder
Describe Special Features Draw customers with your uniqueness!
Describe your Ambience Draw diners who often look for that special atmosphere
Write your own description Convey your pride in words. Unlike cost limitations imposed by other advertising.
Post coupons Unlimited coupon postings by yourself
Post job openings and events Post jobs and events on your restaurant's page
Post your article or chef information More opportunities to advertise your restaurant
Help Marketing for your restaurant Increase the number of customers
Refer parties to you Augment the number of customers

If you would like to be a members, please click here to fill the form:

We also offer many other services, such as:

Your success is our success!

BCRestaurants.ca wants to make business easier for you so that you can concentrate on perfecting your customer's dining experience. Find out more about our website's current features by visiting our website www.bcrestaurants.ca .

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