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  加拿大是一个拥有多民族饮食特色和文化的国家。 卑诗省的餐饮业是卑诗省的主体行业,它不但有很多国际知名的餐饮店,也有非常有特色的小吃店。如果您有兴趣,请在这里寻找您投资加盟的目标。 如需更详细内容,请联系我们,我们有资深的经纪人为您服务.
通过BC餐饮大全的经纪人买的餐馆,可获得免费一年的会员的服务。请打电话:1-604-729-8890 或寄电子邮件联系我们: info@bcrestaurants.ca
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照片 生意类别 出售价格 生意介绍 地区
Click for details Restaurant $89,000.00 One Japanese Restaurant at White Rock area. Asking price $120,000.00. Now only $98,000. Before is Chinese Restaurant. Please send request form for detail information. WHITE ROCK
Click for details Food and Drink $100,000.00 Well running business for over 15 years. Teach you how to make all the products. Very good to own and run a business for couples or more business partners. only ask for $100,000. VANCOUVER
Click for details Restaurant $220,000.00 Location, Location, Location. Not easy to find the location near Broadway and Cambie. Please ask for showing time. Not listed to MLS yet. LICENSE UNDER 50 SEATS AREA: 1600 SQF 2 PARKING AFTER 5PM, WEEKEND 7 PARKING SPORT AT THE BACK VANCOUVER
Click for details Restaurant $280,000.00 Stable business over 10 years with 50 seats, over 8 employees. Please send email to info@bcrestaurants.ca. VANCOUVER
Click for details Restaurant $1,100,000.00 Total investment:$1,100,000 - 1,700,000 Initial Franchise Fee: $20,000 - 30,000 Royalty Fee: 5-6% Term of Agreement: 20 years OTHERS
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