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Start & Share   
1 Garlic Tiger Prawns
Jumbo Tiger Prawns sauteed in garlic butter,herbs and a white wine sauce.
2 Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Baked mushroom caps stuffed with shrimp or crab and cheese.
3 Chicken Wings(11b)
Crispy wings tossed in your choice of hot sauce,honey-garlic,BBQ, teriyaki,or Greek.
4 Calamari
Tender young squid served lightly dusted with seasoned breading,fried and served with tzatziki sauce.
5 Pan Fried Mushrooms
Sauteed mushrooms in lemon pepper served with tzatziki.
6 Tzatziki
World famous Greek dip made with yogurt,cucumbers,fresh garlic,and lemon served with pita bread.
7 Hummus
A delicious mixture of garbanzo beans,tahini,lemon and a touch of garlic served with pita.
1 Soup of the Day
2 French Onion Soup
1 Greek Salad
Tomatoes,cucumbers,green peppers,red poppers,red onion,feta cheese,kalamata olives selved with our special Greek dressing.
$7.00(S)   $10.00(L)    
2 Caesar Salad
Crispy romaine tossed with Caesar dressing and croutons.
$6.00(S)   $9.00(L)    
3 Spinach Salad
Spinach,Feta Cheese,Red Onions,Tomatoes,Dried Cranberries and Strawberru Vinaigrette Dressing.
   Chicken (+ $4)    Shrimp (+ $5)
   Salmon (+ $9)    Prawns (+ $6)
$8.00(S)   $12.00(L)    
Indian Fusion   
1 Butter Chicken
Boneless chicken cooked in a cream and tomato sauce with herbs,garlic and ginger.
2 Chili Chicken
Chicken sauteed in chili paste with onion,and green pepper.
3 Chili Paneer
Fresh Indian cheese sauteed in chili paste with onion,green pepper,mushroom,and tomato.
4 Chicken Curry
Boneless chicken pieces cooked in traditional spices,herbs and curry spices
5 Prawn Curry
Tiger Prawns cooked in trodit spices, herbs and curry sauce.
6 Chili Prawn
Prawns sauteed in chili prawn with onion and green pepper.
7 Shahi Paneer
Fresh Indian cheese cooked in a cream and tomato sauce with herbs, garlic, and ginger.
1 Baked Salmon
Wild salmon filet seasoned with herbs and topped with lemon dill sauce.
2 Garlic Tiger Prawns
Jumbo Tiger Prawns sauteed in garlic butter,herbs and a white wine sauce served with rice & roasted potatoes.
Main Course   
1 Chicken Souvlaki
Grilled chicken served with Greek salad,rice,roasted potatoes,tzatziki & pita.
2 Lamb Souvlaki
Marinated Lamb with herbs and grilled to perfection,served with Greek salad,rice,roasted potatoes,tzatziki & pita.
3 Seafood Souvlaki
Your choice of Jumbo Tiger Prawns or Prawns and Scallop combo souvlaki grilled to perfection and served with Greek salad,rice,roasted potatoes,tzatziki & pita.
4 Roast Lamb
Tender roasted shoulder of lamb with traditional spices served with Greek salad,rice,roasted potatoes,tzatziki & pita.
5 Greek Ribs
Seasoned charboiled baby back ribs served with Greek salad,rice,roasted potatoes,tzatziki & pita.
6 Chicken Breast
Charboiled chicken breast with herbs served with mashed potatoes.
7 BBQ Ribs & Spaghetti
Our slow roasted baby back ribs with spaghetti,meat sauce and garlic toast.
8 Veal Parmesan & Spaghetti
Breaded veal covered in tomato sauce,mozzarella,and parmesan cheese,then oven baked,with garlic toast.
9 Veal Neptune
Breaded veal topped with shrimp,crab,and garlic cream sauce served with rice.
10 Chicken Parmesan & Spaghetti
Chicken breast covered in tomato sauce,mozzarella,and parmesan cheese,then oven baked,served with garlic toast.
11 Chicken Neptune
Charbroiled chicken topped with shrimp,crab,and garlic cream sauce served with rice.
12 Chicken Tenders & Fries
Plump chicken tenders & fries served with your choice of plum or honey mustard dip.
1 Spaghetti with Homemade Meat Sauce
Baked with cheese add $2
   Add cheese (+ $2)    No cheese
$8.00(S)   $10.00(L)    
2 Fettucini with Homemade Alfredo Sauce
Baked with cheese add $2
   Add cheese (+ $2)    No cheese
$9.00(S)   $12.00(L)    
3 Lasagna
A delicious homemade meat sauce baked with cheese.
$10.00(S)   $12.00(L)    
4 Veggie Lasagna
Tender vegetables in our marinara sauce,baked with cheese.
$10.00(S)   $12.00(L)    
5 Seafood Lasagna
Shrimp and crab layered with Rozzinis own cream sauce,baked with cheese.
$13.00(S)   $15.00(L)    
6 Cannelloni
Spinach and ricatta cheese stuffed cannelloni baked in your choice of sauce (meat,alfredo or marinara sauce) with cheese.
$12.00(S)   $14.00(L)    
7 Tortellini
Tossed in your choice of sauce(meat,alfredo or marinara sauce). Baked with cheese add small $1 Large $2
   Add cheese (+ $2)    Meatballs (+ $4)
   No cheese
$11.00(S)   $13.00(L)    
Side Orders   
1 Tzatziki,Hummus
2 Rice
3 Roasted Potatoes
4 Pita Bread
5 Feta
6 Olives or Pepperoncini
7 French Fries
8 Meatball in sauce
9 Naan
10 Cheese Toast
11 Canned Soft Drinks
12 Garlic Toast
Pasta Combo   
1 Pasta Combo
2 Lasagna or Spaghetti (Regular Sizes), 2 Garlic Breads, 2 Small Caesar Salads
All Pizzas are 12''(medium) and cut into 8 slices.Pizza avaiable at Surrey(Newton) locations only.
1 Red Roses Meat Special
Mushrooms,pepperoni,ham,green peppers,onions.olives
2 Meat Lovers
pepperoni,salami,ham,italian sausage,ground beef,crumbled bacon
3 Red Roses Veggie Special
mushrooms,green peppers,onions,pineapple,tomato,olives
4 Butter Chicken Pizza
signature tomato cream sauce with authentic indian spices and herbs,onions,and green peppers with paneer 14
5 Red Roses Greek Special
green peppers,onions,olives,tomatoes,ground beef,feta
6 Hawaiian Pizza
7 BBQ Chicken Pizza
grilled chicken,red onions,bacon and bbq sauce
8 Deluxe Pizza
mushrooms,salami,pepperoni,ham,ground beef,ltalian sausage,green peppers,onions,olives,tomatoes,pineapple and shrimp
9 Pesto Chicken Pizza
chicken,pesto and alfredo sauce
10 Spinach and Feta
spinach,feta,onions and olives
Salads Trays   
Small Tray 10''X12''X2.5'', Large Tray 12''X20''X2.5''
1 Greek salad Large Tray
2 Greek Salad Small Tray
3 Caesar Salad Large Tray
4 Caesar Salad Small Tray
1 Chicken Souvlakis for 2
Served with Rice Greek salad Roasted potatoes Pita & Tzatzikl
2 Chicken Souvlakis for 5
Served with Rice,Greek salad Roasted potatoes,pita & Tzatzikl.
3 Chicken Souvlaki for 10
10 Chicken Souvlakls served with Rice.Roasted Potatoes,Greek Salad,Pita & Tzatziki.Extra skewers $6 each.
4 Sm Tray Lasagna or Spaghetti
5 Large Tray of Lasagna
6 Sm Tray Lasagna or Spaghetti
(serves about 10-12 people)Lasagna or Spaghetti with Meat or Veggie sauce.10 Garlic Breads & Caesar Salad.
7 Butter Chicken
(serves about 10-12 people)Served with Basmati Rice & 10 Naan Breads.
8 50 Wings

*** If there is a price discrepency between this menu and our in store prices, the in store price is the one we will charge. ***
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