Tentatsu Japanese Restaurant

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Sushi Bar   
258 Sushi Combo(A) Sushi Combo(A)
Salmon,Tuna,Tamago, California Roll & Tobiko California
259 Sushi Combo (B) Sushi Combo (B)
Unagi, Ebi, Tuna, Salmon, Tamago & Tobiko Sushi-California, Tuna Roll & House Roll
260 Deluxe Sushi Combo Deluxe Sushi Combo
Hamachi,Unagi,Tobiko,Salmon,Ikura,Tai, Amaebi,Tuna Sushi, California ,Tuna Roll & House Roll
261 Roll Combo (A) Roll Combo (A)
Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, California Roll
262 Roll Combo (B) Roll Combo (B)
California Roll, Dynamite Roll
263 Roll Combo (C) Roll Combo (C)
Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, Cucumber Roll
264 California Roll Combo California Roll Combo
California, Spicy California & Tobiko California Roll
265 Favourite Roll Combo Favourite Roll Combo
California, BC & Dynamite Rolls
266 Spicy Roll Combo Spicy Roll Combo
Spicy Tuna, Salmon.& Califonia Rolls
267 Vegetable Roll Combo Vegetable Roll Combo
Avocado, Vegetable and Cucumber Roll

*** If there is a price discrepency between this menu and our in store prices, the in store price is the one we will charge. ***
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