Nishiki Sushi Bar - Vancouver

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Business Hours
Monday:11:30 TO 22:00
Tuesday:11:30 TO 22:00
Wednsday:11:30 TO 22:00
Thursday:11:30 TO 22:00
Friday:11:30 TO 22:00
Saturday:11:30 TO 22:00
Sunday:12:00 TO 22:00

Order Policy
$3 delivery fee within 3km. $5 delivery fee over 3km. Minimum order $20. between 12 noon to 9:30pm. Last call orders must be received before 9:30pm.

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deliver, pick up, dine in

Payment Method
Cash, MasterCard, VISA

4% for Delivery, Take out, Dine in

Price subject to change without notice
Please notice if any food allergy.

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Special Rolls   
1 Fraserview Roll Fraserview Roll
Prawn,Spicy Tuna,Avocado
2 Waikiki Waikiki
Prawn Tempura,Salmon,Spicy Tuna
3 Phoenix Roll Phoenix Roll
Mango,Crab Meat,Smoked Salmon
4 Killarney Roll Killarney Roll
Prawn,Fresh Mango,Spicy Tuna
5 Vancouver Roll Vancouver Roll
Crab Meat & Wild Salmon
Prawn Tempura,Crab Meat,Avocado
7 Hawaii Roll Hawaii Roll
Fresh Mango,Wild Salmon,Tuna
8 Dragon Roll Dragon Roll
Prawn Tempura,Kappa,Unagi
9 Summer Roll Summer Roll
Crab Meat,Smoked Salmon,Cheese
10 Cambie Roll Cambie Roll
Prawn,Yam & Avocado
11 Spring Roll Spring Roll
Yam Tempura,Cheese,Avocado
12 Harrison Roll Harrison Roll
Fresh Mango,Prawn,Avocado
13 Fleming Roll Fleming Roll
Fresh Mango,Yam,Avocado
14 Golden Mountain Roll Golden Mountain Roll
Spicy Salmon SAshimi,ASparagus,Spicy Tuna
15 Sunrise Roll Sunrise Roll
Spicy Tuna,Wild SAlmon
16 King Kong Roll King Kong Roll
Spicy Tuna,Chopped Scallop
17 Lotus Roll Lotus Roll
Scallop,cucumber,Crab meat,Tobiko
18 Golden California Roll
19 LOL
Deep Fried Tuna,Spicy Tuna,Tobiko
20 Green Dragon Roll
21 Victoria Roll
Crab meat,Fresh mango,Avocado
22 Rupert Roll
Deep Fry Spicy Tuna,Tuna
23 Kerr Roll
Prawn,Kappa,Avocado,Deep Fry Tuna

*** If there is a price discrepency between this menu and our in store prices, the in store price is the one we will charge. ***
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