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1 Edamame (Bean) Edamame (Bean)
2 Pork Gyoza (6 Pcs) Pork Gyoza (6 Pcs)
3 Vegetable Gyoza (6pc)
4 Ebi Gyoza (6pc)
5 Deep Fried Chicken Wings (5 Pcs) Deep Fried Chicken Wings (5 Pcs)
6 Spicy Fried Chicken Spicy Fried Chicken
7 Agedashi Tofu Agedashi Tofu
8 Spicy Agedashi Tofu
9 Vegetable Spring Rolls (3 Pcs) Vegetable Spring Rolls (3 Pcs)
10 Ika Karaage Ika Karaage
11 Pumpkin Croquette (3 Pcs) Pumpkin Croquette (3 Pcs)
12 Yakitori £¨2 Skewers) Yakitori £¨2 Skewers)
13 Karubi (Beef Short Ribs) Karubi (Beef Short Ribs)
14 Tako Yaki (6 Pcs) Tako Yaki (6 Pcs)
15 Prawn & Scallop Skew (2 Skewers) Prawn & Scallop Skew (2 Skewers)
16 Spider Tempura Spider Tempura
17 Deep Fried Gyoza
18 Tonkatsu(Breaded & Deep Fried Pork)

*** If there is a price discrepency between this menu and our in store prices, the in store price is the one we will charge. ***
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