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1 Vegetable Samosas
Traditional lndian pastry stuffed with potatoes
2 Onion Bhajia
Fresh onions battered with lndian spices and deep fried
3 Vegetable Pakoras
Delicately spiced vegetables dipped in batter and fried
4 Paneer Pakoras
Cottage cheese finger battered with lndian spices and deep fried
5 Aloo Chat
Potato patties, topped with tamarind-mint yogurt,chickpeas and onions
6 Chicken Pakoras
Chicken breast dipped in special batter & deep fried
7 Calamari
Squid battered with 3 types of flour & deep fried
8 Mixed Platter
Vegetable samosas, vegetable pakoras and chicken pakoras (serves 2)
1 Naan
A must for every meal; white leavened bread
2 Peshawri Naan
White leavened bread stuffed with dried fruit
3 Garlic & Basil Naan
White leavened bread flavoured with garlic & basil
4 Onion Kulcha
White leavened bread stuffed with onions
5 Aloo Naan
White leavened bread stuffed with potatoes & spices
6 Palak Paneer Naan
White leavened bread stuffed with spinach & cottage cheese
7 Lachedar Parantha
Multi-layered flaky, whole wheat bread
8 Tandoori Roti
Whole wheat bread thin baked in tandoor in seconds
Tandoori Sizzlers   
All Tandoori items are cooked in a special clay oven, called tandoor.
1 Tandoori Chicken
Half chicken marinated with authentic lndian spices and grilled in tandoor to perfection
2 Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken breast marinated with our special ingredients and grilled in tandoor to perfection
3 Lamb Tikka
Tender pieces of lamb marinated in garlic, ginger, special lndian spices and grilled in tandoor to perfection
4 Tandoori Fish
Fish marinated in fresh garlic, ginger, Indian spices and grilled in tandoor to perfection
5 Tandoori Prawns
Prawns marinated in special lndian spices and grilled in tandoorto perfection
6 Mixed Grill
Assorted grilled pieces of meat; tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, prawns and fish
Chicken (Murgh) Specialties   
1 Chicken Tikka Masala
Grilled chicken cooked in onion & tomato based sauce
2 Butter Chicken
Boneless chicken breast cooked in creamytomato sauce
3 Chicken Coconut
Boneless chicken cooked in a unique combination of coriander & coconut curry
4 Chicken Spinach
Boneless chicken and spinach, cooked with garlic, ginger & lndian spices
5 Chicken Vindaloo
Boneless chicken and potatoes, zesty curry cooked in a tangy sauce
Lamb Specialties   
1 Lamb Rogan Josh
Lamb cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, lndian traditional herbs & spices
2 Lamb Saag
Boneless lamb cooked with spinach and lndian spices
3 Lamb Methl
Boneless lamb, dry fenugreek leaves cooked with garlic in a special curry sauce
4 Lamb Kadhai
Boneless lamb stir fried with onions, garlic, ginger, bell pepper & special lndian sauce
5 Lamb Vindaloo
Boneless lamb & potatoes, zesty curry cooked in tangy sauce
Seafood Specialties   
1 Prawns Goa Curry
Jumbo prawns cooked in coconut, onion sauce & lndian spices
2 Prawn Masala
Jumbo prawns cooked in a thick sauce of onions, garlic, ginger tomato sauce
3 Palak Prawn
Prawns cooked in spinach, garlic, ginger & lndian spices
4 Butter Prawns
Jumboprawns in creamy tomato sauce
5 Fish Coconut
Fish cooked in a unique combination of coriander & coconut curry
6 Fish Masala
Fish cooked in a traditional lndian sauce
Vegetarian Specialties   
1 Aloo Gobi
Cauliflower & potatoes cooked in garlic, ginger, tomato & spices
2 Shahi Paneer
Homemade diced cheese cooked in onion, cream & tomato sauce
3 Matar Paneer
Homemade cheese & green peas cooked in rich onion sauce
4 Palak Paneer
Homemade cheese cooked with spinach, onions and lndian spices
5 Chana Masala
Chickpeas cooked in onion, garlic, ginger and tomato sauce
6 Eggplant Bhartha
Whole eggplant roasted in tandoor, cooked with onion, tomatoes, garlic and ginger
7 Dal Handi
Black lentils cooked in traditional handi w/aromatic spices
8 Vegetable Jal Farezie
Assorted vegetables stir fried with a touch of lemon curry spice
Rice Specialties   
1 Rice Pulao
Basmati rice cooked with onions and their own aromatic flavour
2 Pea Pulao
Basmati rice cooked with green peas and onions
3 Vegetable Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetables and lndian spices
4 Chicken Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with chicken and lndian spices
5 Lamb Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with Lamb & lndian spices
6 Seafood Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with prawns and lndian spices
Side Orders   
1 Mango Chutney
Sweet & Tangy, made with real mangoes
2 Raita
Homemade yogurt with cucumber & carrots, mildly spiced
3 Achaar
Mixed variety of Indian pickles and spices
4 Pappardum
Crispylentil cracker, a light snack
5 Chutney Trio
Mint, tamarind and mango
1 Mango Ice Cream
Yummy! Ice cream with real mango flavour and pistachio
2 Mango Cheesecake
A real delight. Fulfill your taste buds with a slice of real mango flavour and cream cheese
3 Kheer
Rice pudding
4 Ras Malai
Indian style cheese patties served in a saffron and cardamom ream
5 Gulab Jamun
Pastry balls deep fried and served in syrup
6 Tiramisu Cheese Cake
Espresso-soaked lady fingers with custard & whipped cream.

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