Popularity of tea blossoms

Exquisite blossoming teas and supplies available in British Columbia

In the past coffee in Canada came in a Styrofoam cup and had little flavour or variety. Today Canadians are sophisticated coffee connoisseurs and even the local gas station offers a wide variety.

As our society becomes more global Canadians are becoming more aware of the benefits of drinking fine tea and are demanding more choice from cafés and restaurants. Will tea-drinking experience the same revolution as coffee drinking did? Experts say, yes, and there is already a wide variety available on the marketplace whether you’re looking for exotic teas or attractive serving dishes and utensils.

While you may be familiar with green tea, herbal tea, roobois and the other varieties that have become as popular as black tea in recent years, you may have overlooked one of the most attractive and beneficial types – blooming tea.

Fine Tea, is one supplier that can help proprietors deliver this exquisite beverage to their costumers. The main ingredient of the blossom is silver needle tea white tea, which is produced in China’s Fujian province using only the buds of the tea bush.

Your guests attention will be brought to the tea drinking experience as they watch the beautiful blossom unfold as the tea steeps – a moment that rewards patience and mindfulness.

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