Spring produce is on the way

Take advantage of the best of the season by biting into seasonal produce.

The best way to get most out of the produce you eat is to buy it in season. This means you can buy it when it’s fresh, not after it’s been on the road for days or weeks. The result is better taste and more nutrients.

So what’s in season in the spring?

Asparagus: A versatile veggie that’s not to be missed. Broiled, braised baked or blanched. Add some slivered almonds and lemon juice or cook it in a risotto. Nothing says spring like asparagus.

Cherries (coming soon): You might need to wait awhile longer, but you can still dust off your cherry pie recipe in the meantime.

Fiddleheads: Blink and you might miss these odd but delightful wild fern shoots. They can be served in ways similar to asparagus or look for more elaborate recipes online.

Lettuce: Delicious-tasting lettuce will start turning up in farmers’ markets across the province. You know what to do; wash and eat!

Mint: Mint can create a fresh spring taste to almost any dish.

Peas: Tender and delicious, peas taste best when they’re fresh.

Radishes: Crunchy and tasty this time of year, your salads are crying out for radishes.

Rhubarb: Sweet and sour, rhubarb is delicious in desserts or other sweet and sour recipes.

Strawberries: Canadian strawberries won’t be here until late spring, but we can always dream. 

What are your favourite seasonal fruits and vegetables? Join our discussion. How do you prepare spring produce? Post your recipe at bcrestaurants.ca in our forum.