All is well - Reaching to Full Mark

 Dining at Papi’s you wouldn’t have to fussy about the palate . The Italiano cuisines made by Chef Ken Iaci are almost reaching to perfect . Every dishes are in its good sharp & good taste with the best refined .

Located at Steveston in Richmond, Papi’s is the one & only upscale Italiano Restaurant around the area. You may think the best Italiano cuisine should be located somewhere in Downtown. But that was many years ago. Chef Ken Iaci opened Papi’s for 5 and a half years & keeps increasing its popularity by refining the cuisine to become more attractive & tasty.  As an upscale restaurant you wouldn’t find common food like Pizza in the menu but an exquisite Panini filled with Roast Lamb, Red Peppers ,Mint Pesto & Fontina Cheese or a House Burger served with Italian Aioli and Crispy Fried Onions for an abundant sandwich . Panini should be regarded as the best bread in Italy .


Minestrone made from fresh veggie with tomato , celery , onion . Cheese sprinkles on top . Needless to say the soup makes you a Buono Appetito . Fennel & Lobster Salad comes with Green Goddess Dressing could be more gorgeous as a second plate . The aroma of fresh Fennel is crunchy . Much to my surprise the portion of Lobster’s pieces are incredibly affluent.


Angolotti , a giant sharp square-liked Ravioli filled with fresh crab meat topped with asparagus,prawns,mascarpone is definitely the best Ravioli in town . Angolotti should be one of the brand food made for house specialty . And the Vongole , the Italian Clam Pasta cooked with rich broth with garlic and extra Virgin Olive Oil. Fresh clams with tomatoes, parsleys are all pile up garnishing as a mini tower . Taste is superbly incomparable ! A good Italian Chef often shows their best in the way of cooking seafood .


I chose Anatra ( Duck Confit) as a main course . The dish was served with crunchy Apricot , Cashew & Ginger sauce really excited the taste bud . Especially having a sip of Chianti Lecclone (Italian Most popular Red Wine) as well as chewing Chocolate Honey Tart for dessert. 

The food & drink in Papi’s are exquisite & varied . You won’t find anything which is overlapped . Besides , Chef Ken designs special dinner every day combines with soup of the day, main course & dessert . He’s so glad to find the Asian loves Italian food . He also has cooking classes in the community , sharing his cooking skills with the students. 

Born in Canada , Chef Ken Iaci is an experienced Chef of great skill for over 30 years. His parent was also a great cook who landed to Vancouver in 1939 from Calabria , the Southern Italy . They opened IACI , the first Italian restaurant at
Seymour Street in Downtown in the 40s’. Chef Ken works as a cook since 1973 . Up to the present , the family from a good cook comes to the third generation . His second daughter inherits the cooking skills and now working as an assistant cook in Papi’s .