Grip & Grab - The Unforgettable Ethiopian Dinner

  Having Ethiopian cuisine is surely a wondrous thing . You don’t have to eat with forks & knives , just using your hands to grip & grab . It absolutely gives the gourmets a best try .

How the food is served in Ethiopia ? It must be a fascinating experience without a doubt . When all the foods are ready on the table , you won’t find any dining utensils around except napkins . Forks & knives are completely absent .

“Use your hand to grip .”  An Ethiopian gourmet leads us the way as they were eating , proficient in tearing off one piece of the spongy-liked Injera pancake , grabbing those tasty meats & veggies on the platter , then rolling it up pop into mouth . Taste the best food with sipping a fine Kaffe or Spice tea . Oh Me Oh My …………. It was totally melted under tongue . That’s exactly the way the Ethiopian eats .

Eating with both hands , wash before meal is strongly required .

To get to know others countries cuisine , the best way is first to know their geographical status & living culture .

Ethiopia is in east-central Africa , bordered on the north and northeast by Eritrea , on the east by Djibouti and Somalia , on the south by Kenya, and on the west and southwest by Sudan. This country has a high central plateau that varies from 1,800 to 3,000 m (6,000 to 10,000 ft) above sea level, with the highest mountain reaching 4,533 m (14,872 ft). So it is called ‘ The World’s Ridge Of A Roof ‘

Ethiopian eats barley as their main food . The special barley from Ethiopia which they called is Teff . In Ethiopia , Teff is a super grain & is highly nutritious. Ethiopian keeps eating a lot of Injera every day . No wonder the peoples in this country are tall & strong .They are all excel at long distance running . Many of them even won The Gold Medal in Olympic . Still leading the championship of number one .    

An Ethiopian restaurant in Vancouver is rarely find . Harambe at Commercial Drive is definitely one of the fewer . Foods & Drinks are marvelously sophisticated , the elaborative decoration inside all & out . When pushing door entering into Harambe  , the first thing comes in your eyes is the traditional style of African table-setting at the right side covering with the handmade tablecloth , the embroidery should be the finest one I’d ever seen . On the left there stands a divan for customer drinking Kaffe . Softly dim light , music of the nature all around the corner . Waitress shows their every consideration to the customer . You’re not only eating food , you also eat all the tenderness up .

Ethiopian way of cooking is thriving at its best . They use abundant spices & a lot of traditional method to steam , stew , bake & fry . The Injera (The African Pancake) is the most characteristic one . Its spongy-liked texture is made of the African barley which called Teff . the sourdough must be lasted for 3 to 4 days for fermentation . When it is ready to make , they put it onto a hot pan to grill . Injera taste like a thin spongy bread & it is so absorbable to meat sauce . Besides , Injera can taste much better with Aycb (Ethiopion Cottage Cheese)..     

Harambe serves Combo Platter as their main course to customer . A Combo Platter with meat contains many kind of lentils , beef , onions, garlic , spices & meat on your own choice to order  Especially the DORO TIBS . Chicken Cubes sauteed  with onions , garlic, spices and mixed vegetables. Served with salad. The sautéed spicy Chicken Cubes is served separately on a hot pot to keep food warm . Ethiopian get used to wrap the meat & veggie into the spongy-liked pancake with both hands , dip with meat sauce then pop it into mouth . To our surprise its texture just like    Italian Pasta , Injera could be totally Al Dente .

Menu contains Beef , Lamb, Chicken , Fish & Veggie Combo Platter with a good price from $12.99 to $63.99 includes Chicken Stew , Lamb Stew , Harambe Salad & assorted Harambe veggie as well as Veggie Lovers’ Combo for the vegetarian . You may choose Banana Omelet Orange Cream , Banana Tibs with Ice Cream and Orange Cream for separate order for dessert .

Harambe won Gold Plate Award in 2007 . Daniel (The owner) runs the country style restaurant for 8 years wholeheartedly . He keeps it up by adding good food with good taste without end .

You’ll never imagine dining at an Ethiopian Restaurant could be that beautiful & full of warmth & tenderness . It inspires us more importantly the meaning of Good Food is to sharing .

Gourmets having an unusual good journey . It seems like touring the real trip to Ethiopia for once .

How unforgettable !!!