Tom & Jerry's Restaurant

Situated at Renfrew and Hastings, local favourite Tom & Jerry’s has established itself as a solid community restaurant, nourishing the area's young and old since 1988. It is conveniently located near the PNE and is thus highly accessible from all over, even by public transit.

Currently, the spacious, family-friendly environment can seat almost 150 people and boasts a large yet affordable menu spanning a wide variety of international cuisines such as Western, Italian, Indian, and Thai. Among the popular dishes are the much-craved all-you-can-eat fish and chips, the savoury butter chicken, and the tender steak cooked with high-quality AAA beef.

The restaurant offers a catering service that can accommodate up to 200 people as well as in-house hosting for up to 65. Several large plasma-screen televisions mounted above bar counters add a dash of cutting-edge technology and transform the restaurant into an energetic hangout during big sporting events. Nevertheless, the traditional look, of which many have grown fond and accustomed, has been retained.

Upon entering the restaurant, you may serendipitously spot the owner, Gasha Gill. His warm, pleasant demeanor is matched only by the warm, pleasant sensation of your stomach after sampling his skills as a chef. His passion for the culinary arts can be summed up by his proud declaration, “I cook from the heart.” Truly this is an inspirational man.

Tom & Jerry’s pleasant and casual atmosphere, combined with its fast and gracious service, produces a constant stream of families, sports fans, and commuters coming in to dine throughout the day. Often supporting events such as volleyball tournaments, this historic restaurant has long since become a key component of the local community. Whether on a lunch break or enjoying a night out with the family and friends, Tom & Jerry’s will definitely provide you with a top-notch meal.